The Five Elements
Harmonising your Five Elements

Wellbeing and vitality are believed to be enhanced through the nurturing of the three treasures which everyone possesses: Jing, our life force; Qi, our vital energy and; Shen, our mind and spirit.

Supporting our treasures is the key to maintaining wellness in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is achieved through advocating adequate rest, relaxation, maintaining good mental state, regular exercise, food therapy, appropriate environmental responses, and the utilisation of Chinese herbal medicines, acupuncture and tui na.

Fine tuning this support is guided by the theoretical foundations of TCM, based around the following pillars:

Yin & Yang
Wu Xing (known as the Five Elements)
Zang Fu (Known as the internal organ system)
Qi 、Jing and Shen
Jing Luo (the meridian system)

Although TCM is a medical ideology, and cannot be directly applied to spa application, our focus is to support the three treasures through our signature treatments that promote rest, relaxation and a good mental state.

We recognise that all too often, the demands and stresses of life distract us from keeping in touch with nature, leaving little time to nurture the three treasures. This leads to disharmony within the body and overtime, resulting in disease.

Keeping in line with tradition, our treatments and products are guided by the TCM pillars of Wu Xing (Five Elements), Yin & Yang and Jing Luo (the meridian system), with the aim of assisting you in your journey to regaining balance and harmony.

Incorporating the Chuan Spa Five Element profile, sensory testing, and being aware of the seasons will ensure that a tailor-made treatment plan is designed for you to rebalance and support the three treasures.

Find out which of the Five Elements you need to rebalance
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Harmonising your Wu Xing elements
Centuries ago, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine identified the 5 Wu Xing elements whose harmony was essential for one's physical and emotional wellbeing.
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